Explanation of Android IDN Poker Display Menu

IDN Poker is a company engaged in the field of online gambling which is very well known among the people of Indonesia and even outside Indonesia.

Poker lovers will definitely choose to play on sites that support IDN PLAY which is the biggest gambling company at the moment.

There are some people who are not familiar with the appearance of this IDN Poker, we will provide a little information about the appearance of the IDN POKER menu. So those who just want to join in IDN Poker do not feel confused when opening the IDN Poker application.

A few sample menus that we will explain to readers:

-Menu menu itself is a menu where you can change your profile photo when playing. and can also change your password.

- You can see the jackpots provided by the IDN POKER, starting from the Texas poker jackpot, dominoes, ceme and you can see several people succeeding in getting the jackpot.

-You Can See All Transactions from your Poker Online that you do all day, all will be written on the transaction menu

-In this menu you can see tutorials of games that you do not understand and will explain in great detail how to play them.

-All list of events that are held and the winners you can see all in this leaderboard menu

And it's an obligation for pokerQq to hold an event every month
So you can check on the updated news menu that will be held by the IDN.

Game menu
-All types of games will be displayed.
Table Type
-You can choose the type of table provided by the IDN server, from a small, medium, large table and also the largest VIP table.