Gambling really seems to have become flesh and blood for some people, especially Indonesians. They even knew gambling long before online gambling was launched in Indonesia. One gambling that has recently become familiar and is starting to be popular is the Sakong Game gambling.

Actually gambling gambling game is not a new affair for residents who at first had had a chance to play rummy gambling, PokerQq , or dominoes. Basically it's the same where this gambling also utilizes the Card. There are only as many differences from the number of cards. What if we are now not negotiating the card, but the incident is empty?

The beginning of the presence of this Sakong Game which is online is indeed resulted in not a few players who are fond of this game.
Then, not a few who play this game because not a few people know and not a few who understand how to play it too.
It's going to be for those who are required to play poker, of course they can know and understand more about this game.
This gambling game was played by one person from Asia, precisely from China where indeed this gambling game gambling explores 3 kings in the gambling game.

So in this game what you have to look for is 3 Ace in one round of a table game which is indeed a hand card owned by us alone can provide dividends in playing. Why is it called Sakong? Because of 2 words namely Sa and Kong. Sa in other words Tiga and Kong in other words Raja.

Development of Sakong Games

Naming that utilizes Mandarin is then combined into one word is Sakong which in other words are three kings. Now this Sakong game is played using a set of 52 playing cards. And the card itself has 3 types of cards are K, O and J.
Initially this Sakong was originated from a chess game that used pebbles as its medium.
This game then evolved into a gambling game which uses cards. At that time the cards that were still being used were 78 Tarot Cards belonging to the Mato or Founder II cards which were in fact connected to the Poker Online  cards in today's sophisticated world.

The use of playing cards is the most massive in history which was opened since the beginning of the 20th century. And it became even more famous when a wood printing system was Majalah Capsa Susun discovered by using a platinum plate and a cool and very good coloring system. Events did not have time to post who the figure is in the Queen, King and Jack cards.
It will be but the characters in this advanced Sakong game card often change from time to time