Reduce the Percentage of Losses in the IDN Poker Game

Damn this game, I'm definitely in dumb-dumb. There must be a BOT! If not, my admin will definitely lose! " These are words that are sure to come out of every gambling player who has just suffered successive defeats. Emotions are natural, but control what you say. Because everything you say is actually NOT HAPPENING. What did not happen? Yes, the game that is not controlled by bot or admin. That is very unlikely to happen on the PokerQq sites that I refer.
But did you know there are special ways to reduce your level of defeat in gambling games? Don't know and don't trust, right? If you don't believe, close this article immediately and don't continue reading. Because I don't want to waste my time on nothing. But if you want to know and have confidence + curiosity, read this article carefully

Win Lose Statistics You Should Know, How to Do?
Statistics are very important. This is what I usually do. Suppose you are a player who is diligent in playing every day. Surely you will not be able to record what percentage of defeat or victory that you have experienced in the form of statistics. Then how can you find out? Come to CS well. Let's just say you want to share with CS. Ask them, how about your game statistics so far, is it still a plus or a minus? If it's a minus, Sejarah Domino Online is it still at a reasonable level? CS will definitely give advice to you later. The rest is up to you whether you want to follow CS's advice or not.

Poker Online sites - So what do you usually do if the win rate is high or the defeat rate is already high? Usually if the win rate is high, it's very unlikely to change your ID. Continue playing your hockey ID. But if the defeat rate is already high, you have to reset it. How to reset it?

How to Reset the Defeat Statistics That Are Already High!
Very easy ! With re-registration, you have reset your own statistics. Don't be confused about the account data that you have registered on the current ID. Because if you intend to re-register, you can ask cs to delete your old ID so that you can re-register. Is this safe? 100% very safe.

Better to follow this method, than you continue playing on your pesky ID. After that, don't be happy yet. You still have something to do after changing the id. Pay attention to your new ID's winning rate. If you still lose continue to 5x deposit. Reset again until you don't get a better ID than now.

Is this method really effective? I told you, if you don't believe me, don't read this article. It doesn't hurt if you try. But if you try other agents besides the ones I referenced on this blog, don't blame me, hehe. I made this blog full of seriousness to reduce fraud by fraudulent gambling agents. At least I have good intentions, rather than nothing.

Maybe this is my first article this time. If you feel satisfied, don't forget to help share this article. Thank you for taking the time to read, not much use, thank you