Procedures for Depositing Funds on the IDN Poker Site

The meaning of the word deposit is almost the same thing as saving. But in banking terms, the deposit is slightly different from saving money as usual. If you make a deposit, withdrawals and deposits can only be done within a certain time. That is the meaning of the word deposit. Unfortunately, it is not the banking term that we want to discuss in this article. When you play online gambling games, you are also required to make a deposit to reach the chip. In other words, what is meant by a deposit in this gambling game is the same as BUYING CHIP POKER ONLINE. It is quite similar to the term deposit with banking.

The usual deposit is abbreviated to ADVANCE among online gamblers. For example, someone has asked you: Are you SIGNED SO haven't poker? That means the same as: You have already bought chips not at pokerqq? Pokerqq is the name of the biggest poker site in Indonesia, which I referenced in PokerQq. So in conclusion, the deposit is to buy chips with real money. So if you don't make a deposit, you can't have a chip. If you don't have a chip, you can't play. Without CapsaQQ chips you can still watch other people playing, but you can't play.

How to Buy Poker Chips Online with Real Money

Of course if you have read this article, you should already have an ID on one of the poker websites that I referenced on this blog. But for those of you who don't know how to register, please read the article: How to Register / Register to Create (ID) Online Poker Website Account.

First of all, the correct mechanism before you deposit, is checking the accounts of active agents. This really needs to be done. Because the agent's account can be switched over time without notice. If you send it to an account that is no longer active, then your money can be scorched. How to check it, you only need to click the funds deposit menu listed after you login. In it there is an active agent account data in the intended account section.

After you transfer to the account, do not dispose of the correctness of the transfer until your deposit is processed. But if it has been processed, you can dispose of the facts. This is very important for you to do, believe me.

If you have finished the transfer, let's log back into your ID and fill in the deposit fund form earlier. Fill in accordance with the funds you transfer. If so, let's wait a while until your deposit is processed. But if 5 minutes have not been processed, let's come to livechat and confirm the deposit you have transferred. When you have successfully entered, you can already start playing.

Cause Your Deposit Has Long Processed and How to Overcome It
There are times when your deposit will certainly take a long time to process. But relaxing then, it does not mean fraud. Here are some reasons why your deposit funds are long processed.

1. You have entered the funds deposit form incorrectly. Let's examine the form that you filled. If you don't understand, come livechat to ask.
2. Maybe you deposit into the wrong account. Try to re-examine active accounts for deposit.
3. Do not make deposits in offline hours or obstacle banks. Because you can be told to wait until the bank is normal. Check then the account you want to transfer is online or hassles.
4. It's better each time you make a deposit, use a unique nominal. For example, you want to deposit Rp. 50,000 The transfer is slightly higher than the last 3 digits of the nominal you are transferring. For example Rp. 50,542 or 50,228. I guarantee the deposit process will be faster.
Hopefully this article is useful for you true readers. Thank you for wanting to visit my blog